Set Your Confusometer to Stun
From The Toronto Star:

“U of T grad Liam Kaufman has designed a website a prof and students can go to that lets students click on a red button if they get confused. The results show up on the prof’s laptop, registering what percentage of the class is feeling baffled, so he or she can stop to explain. When students get it, they hit the green button that says Understood.”

An excellent idea, and I would like to know the contents of my students’ brains as much as the next teacher, but the skeptic in me wonders: most students who suffer confusion don’t know what they’re confused about. In fact, often the ones who are most misguided have the strongest sense of being correct. Also, the app assumes that all learning unfolds in a linear fashion, and that all students would be confused by the same thing (when it’s likely that they are confused about very different things, on the aggregate). Last, I wonder if we need yet another screen to get in between the organic – and crucial – social interaction between instructor and pupil.

But I would like to give it a try…

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